KwikStand™ Road/Street

(Mountain/Touring Kwikstand™ coming soon.)

The Stand4Cure KwikStand™ utilizes the crank arm bolt hole to provide sturdy, stable support for your bike while you're away. Simply take out your customized KwikStand™, slip it into the bolt hole opposite of the gear chain drive, rotate the front wheel, and walk away knowing your bike is in good hands.

The Stand4Cure KwikStand™ is fully extendable to adapt to any size of bike on the market. All it takes is a turn of the extension knob and a slide to set your perfect fit. It can also adjust with different types of terrain. From street to mountainous settings, the KwikStand™ will maximize your reach. Where will you go next?

Serious cyclists know that too much extra weight and bulk can have a significant impact on performance. With the KwikStand™, there's no need to worry! KwikStand™ weighs in at only 2.5oz measuring 6.5 inches when collapsed and 11.5 inches when fully extended. Thanks to its size, it can be easily stored in almost any pocket or backpack without weighing you down.

Silver Chrome Inner Rod

Colored Inner Rod (Annodized)

What do you stand for? Stand4Cure has themed our colors in support of those who endure disease throughout our world. Choose a color to show your support for the cause of your choice. We also offer additional customization options to etch an inscription onto the side of any stand.

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